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    Dallas Jones

      ARway Version 2.6 is now Live!

      What’s New?


      Multi-Map and Multi-Floor Navigation: Navigate across various maps and floors with ease and precision 

      • Multi-Map Navigation: Seamlessly navigate across connected maps to any location in the directory. 

      • Navigation Rerouting: Ensure visitors are on the right path with automatic rerouting notifications. 

      • Multiple Map Switches: Effortlessly switch between maps using the upgraded 3D and 2D editors. 

      • Connector Pins: Connect maps at various points like elevators, escalators, stairs and bridges for smooth multi-map navigation. 

      • Connector Manager in 2D Editor: Efficiently manage your connectors in the upgraded 2D editor interface. 

      • Continuous Connector Placement Flow: Ensure seamless navigation with continuous connector placement and algorithms guided directions across paths and connectors. 


      Venue Maps: Organize and manage your venue maps for efficient navigation and editing

      • Import Maps: Import and connect multiple maps together for a comprehensive multi-floor and multi-area venue experience.  

      • Venue Listing: Experience the revamped UI for an enhanced map list page. 

      • Expanded Map Details for Venue Maps: View, edit, and manage Image Access Points, Location Pins, and Connected Maps with ease. Access detailed information with the newly implemented venue/building details page. 

      • Add/Edit/Rename Maps in a Venue: Manage your maps more effectively with new add, edit, and rename options. 


      Enhanced Creator Features: Empower your creation process with advanced tools and features

      • Floorplan Templates: Jumpstart your AR creation with three standard floorplans available for immediate use. The templates are standard room sizes and will get you started with your AR experience in a few clicks.

      • Sample Floorplan Implementation on Studio: Utilize templated floorplans for a streamlined creation process. 

      • Bulk Path Delete & Pins Delete API Integration: Manage paths and pins more efficiently with bulk delete options. 


       ARway App Enhancements

      • Updated UI for Login and Dashboard Screens: Experience a fresh, user-friendly interface for enhanced navigation. 

      • Venue Details Page: Conveniently view and edit venue settings in the newly added venue details page. 

      • Localization Drift Dial: Modify the state of localization drift dial for specific maps, ensuring precise navigation. 

      • User Map Preference Settings: Personalize your map preferences for a tailored navigation experience. 

      • Map Indicator: Swiftly switch across multiple maps of a venue with the new map indicator while creating and previewing your maps. 

      • Enhanced AR Scene: Enjoy improved UI and performance in the AR scene for a smoother AR experience. 


      Navigation Audio: Enhance the visitor experience with audio directions

      Audio Directions: Assist visitors with audio directions in English for effortless navigation. 


      Location Accuracy Dial Toggle: Give visitors control over their navigation experience

      Toggle Display: Allow visitors to display or hide the Location Accuracy Dial for a customized navigation experience. 


      Multi-Map Directory: Enhance the directory viewing experience for all connected maps

      Comprehensive Directory View: Allow visitors to see and search through all location and amenity pins in the venue from a central location. 


      ARwayKit SDK Version 2.5.1 is now LIVE!

      Obtain access today!


      Important Note: Some features have certain dependencies, like the need for maps to be connected for viewing in the directory, or the requirement for maps to be created, activated, and published before importing. Be sure to explore our tutorials and contact our team for more detailed instructions to enjoy our new features to the fullest! 

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