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Stadiums and Concert Venues

Make it easy for fans to find their seats, locate washrooms, and discover vendors with AR navigation and wayfinding, while displaying special offers, ads, and branded AR activations in the airspace.

Events and Tradeshows

Remove the complexity of navigating the tradeshow floor and locating booths with AR wayfinding, while leveraging the airspace for AR-powered marketing and branded display activations.


Help customers save time on locating merchants and products with AR wayfinding, while promoting brands and enhancing customer relationships with personalized proximity-based promotions in the airspace with augmented reality.

Museums and Galleries

Guide visitors to and around exibits with AR guided tours and navigation, while letting artists and exhibit curators tap into the airspace as a new display medium and show more artifacts with augmented reality.


Elevate your residents’ stay with an augmented reality-powered indoor navigation tool that will guide them in and around the facility with ease, while displaying entertaining and informational AR content in their environment.

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Real Estate

Empower prospective tenants and buyers to explore the property independently with AR wayfinding and curated guided tours, while envisioning the property’s potential with AR staging.


Allow students, visitors, and faculty staff to swiftly navigate the university campus with augmented reality wayfinding, while engaging with educational and entertaining  AR activations along the way.


Alleviate the stress of navigating medical facilities, minimize staff interruptions, and reduce number of late appointment arrivals with AR turn-by-turn navigation and visitor information.

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