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ARway QR Code Placement - Tutorial
Location Pins & Guided Tours - Part 1
Branded Activation Use Case
Floor Plan Alignment Tutorial

Floor Plan Alignment Tutorial

Gone are the days of manual measuring and guesswork when it comes to creating digital representations of physical spaces. ARway's cutting-edge technology allows you to seamlessly integrate virtual elements into your real-world environment with incredible accuracy and precision. Our app and creator portal make the process easy, intuitive, and fun. Simply upload your floor plan, use our simple alignment tools, and watch as your virtual elements seamlessly integrate into your physical space. Learn more about ARway A revolutionary augmented reality navigation and spatial computing platform disrupting the Indoor Positioning System market by being a no code, no hardware solution enabled by indoor tracking. Visitors can access a venue map by scanning a visual marker (e.g., QR code or image) with their smartphone and navigate to any Point of Interest (POI) by following an augmented path and step-by-step directions, while interacting with rich AR content and experiences. ARway product offerings include: AR app, Creator Portal, and SDK Check them out here: Website Investors Contact Stock Exchange Listings CSE: ARWY OTC: ARWYF FSE: E65 Follow ARway on social! Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram:
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