Transform Your Space with ARway Indoor Maps

Our cutting-edge Indoor Maps solution transforms CAD and architectural floor plans into intuitive, branded maps that enhance visitor experience and elevate your venue’s marketing collateral.’s Indoor Maps are designed to inform, orient, and wayfind. 

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Key Features and Benefits

Visual Uplift and Branding

  • Visual Enhancement: Transform basic floor plans into sophisticated, detailed maps. 
  • Custom Branding: Incorporate your brand’s identity seamlessly into the maps. 
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Tailored Visitor Experience

Tailored Visitor Experience

  • Confidential Area Removal: Ensure security by excluding sensitive areas. 
  • Relevant Area Addition: Highlight important areas and points of interest (POIs). 

Multi-Channel Availability

  • Versatile Formats: Accessible through print materials, websites, mobile apps, and ARway navigation. 
  • Online and Offline Access: Enhance user experience with maps available anytime, anywhere. 
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Static wayfinding

Advanced Navigation and Wayfinding

  • Static Wayfinding: Enable point-to-point routing and interactive map navigation. 
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Utilize ARway’s dynamic AR and Blue Dot navigation for precise, immersive guidance. 

Immersive Augmented Reality Content

  • Engaging Experiences: Incorporate AR marketing, advertising, training, and gamification on top of indoor maps. 
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Why Choose

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Scalable Map Creation

Regardless of the quantity or frequency of map production, our automation technology combined with expert QA ensures the delivery of customizable maps at scale. 


One Map, Many Possibilities

  • Static Wayfinding: Simplify navigation with point-to-point routing on an interactive version of the Indoor Map. 
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Experience dynamic, no-hardware AR navigation with sub-meter accuracy. 
  • Immersive Content: Add AR marketing, training, and gamification to your maps. 

Seamless Integration and Customization

  • Color Template Configuration: Match your maps with your brand’s color scheme. 
  • Important POIs: Highlight critical points of interest for better visitor orientation. 

Industry Applications​’s Indoor Maps are perfect for:

Shopping Malls







What is indoor mapping software?

Indoor mapping software converts floor plans into detailed, interactive maps to aid navigation and enhance visitor experience within a venue.

How does indoor positioning work?

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) use technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AR to provide precise location tracking within a building. ARway provides a no hardware indoor positioning system leveraging computer vision and sensor fusion.

What are the benefits of indoor maps?

Indoor maps improve wayfinding, enhance marketing collateral, provide detailed orientation for visitors, and can integrate AR for immersive experiences.

Can I customize my indoor maps?

Yes, offers extensive customization options including branding, color templates, and highlighting relevant areas and POIs.

Are the maps available offline?

Yes, our maps can be accessed both online and offline, ensuring continuous usability.

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