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    Dallas Jones

      ARway Version 2.6.1 is now Live! 

      What’s New?

      Venue Map Reload Button

      After connecting two or more maps together in Web Studio, hit the new Venue Map Relaod to see your new Venue Map!

      IAP UX Management Update

      Easily see and manage all of your image access points across your venue with new updates to the IAP tab in Web Studio, including setting a single Default IAP for your map.

      New Connector Pin Search

      Now you can locate and edit Connector Pins easily with the new Connector Pin Search feature in the Pin & Path editor in Web Studio!

      Increased Character Limits

      Market your Location Pins and points of interest with ease by utilizing our increased character limits for categories, location and connector pin names, and description fields.


      Bug Fixes  

      Mobile App 

      • Fixed path styles during multi-map navigation.  

      • Fixed content saving for venue maps. 

      • Fixed recharge station list for venue map.  

      • Improved navigation time calculation. 

      • Fixed registration flow for accounts created through the app.  

      Creator Portal & Web Studio 

      • Fixed name and description fields in venue creation flow. 

      • Logout issue fixed. 

      • Fixed floor plan replacement on the venue details page. 

      • Fixed vanishing background issue on creating venue flow. 

      • Disabled pin options in the menu when the user is interacting with create and edit options. 

      • Fixed path options getting stuck in edit mode. 

      • Added destructors for 3D objects for better memory management. 

      • Plan List UI Changes in admin analytics. 

      • Fixed typos and floorplan asset issues. 

      • Improved menu options for connector and location pins in 2D editor. 

      • NodePath calculation optimized to adapt with a buffer of 1.3-meters. 

      • Updated calculations of 2D positions of location pins and connector pins.  

      • Fixed deleting of path nodes during floorplan adjustment in the 3D editor. 

      • Removed code redundancy by introducing a Network service class to handle API calls on the studio.


      ARwayKit SDK Version 2.5.1 is now LIVE!

      Obtain access today!


      Important Note: Some features have certain dependencies, like the need for maps to be connected for viewing in the directory, or the requirement for maps to be created, activated, and published before importing. Please contact our team for more detailed instructions to enjoy our new features to the fullest! 


      Be sure to explore our tutorials and stay tuned for New Tutorials coming soon!

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