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    Dallas Jones

      ARway Version 2.4 is now Live!

      What’s New?

      Floorplan Auto Alignment

      Creators can now upload a custom floorplan of their map in the Creator Portal and auto-align the floorplan through the AR scene in the app. The creator will place six floorplan pegs in the AR scene and on the 2D floorplan. The auto-alignment feature ensures that content placed in the map through the Portal or through the app will appear in the AR scene with precision.

      Accuracy Indicators

      The Accuracy Indication Dials at the top left of the screen displays the spatial accuracy range of 1 to 10. If tracking and AR accuracy is lost in the session, the dial number will decrease depending on the severity of tracking loss and prompt the user to navigate to a recharge station to scan the nearest access point. This feature enhances the visitor experience by ensuring that content and spatial accuracy are always optimized.

      Dynamic Rotation for AR Content

      Creators can choose whether images, videos, or Access Pointsare static or will dynamically rotate in the AR scene. Static content will face the position it is set in upon creation or editing. Dynamic content will always face the visitor as they move in the AR scene.

      Download Images from AR Scene

      Turn ondownload access for any image in the AR scene with the new Download Toggle. Visitors will be able to download coupons, pictures, or any image directly from the AR scene.

      2D Blue Dot Navigation

      ARway’s ‘Red’ Dot Navigation shows the Visitor’s location in a turn-by-turn style on the 2D floor plan. Visitors can easily navigate to Recharge Stations, content, or other landmarks indicated on the 2D floorplan.

      Updated Help & Support Pages

      Our Help & Support Pages in the Creator Portal have been redesigned to easily direct our creators to our Forum, Community Portal, FAQs, and Tutorials with one click.

      New Analytics!

      Access Point Analytics – Discover which access point(s) visitors use most to enter the AR experience. Place content or advertisements in the areas of most traffic or enhance the environment around other access points to encourage visitors to enter the map using other access points. Let this data help curate the visitor experience from beginning to end.


      Map Size – ARway can now generate sizes of maps and experiences created.


      UI Enhancement

      Updates to our UI in both the Creator Portal and App side provide a more immersive and cohesive experience in the AR scene for both Creators and Visitors. Check out the changes especially while placing content in the app!

      Bug Fixes

      1. Improved AR accuracy for scanning IAPs from different angles.

      2. Fixed tour path height in the AR scene.

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