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    Dallas Jones

      ARway Version 2.5.1 is now Live!

      This update includes important bug fixes, improvements to existing features, and the introduction of dynamic deep linking for QR codes, enhancing the overall experience and functionality of ARway.

      Please ensure you update to the latest version (2.5.1) to benefit from these improvements.


      What’s New?

      • Added support for dynamic deeplinking for generated QR codes

      • Updated scene calculations to remove floorplan and include pins

      • Updated floorplan data in redux store

      • Udated Location pin icons

      • Updated 2D editor CSS updated

      • Control and get API calls on pins & paths

      • Recalculate path thickness based on the floorplan aspect ratio

      • Readjusted pins and paths right after clicking on save

      • Added depth test to paths on the 3D editor


      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed accuracy issue with floorplan alignment

      • Location pins details edit bug resolved

      • Fixed upload floorplan size inconsistency

      • 3D position adjustments on manual floorplan transformation

      • Pentool dropdown CSS fix

      • Fixed 2D editor content z-fighting issue on version switch

      • Fixed create map QR code generation issue

      • Resolved issue of removing paths after floorplan deletion/update

      • Recalculated 2D positions on floorplan replacement

      • Commented growth column in top visited

      • Fixed deep link domain input

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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