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Experience ARway

Your all-in-one metaverse creation toolkit. Spatially map your real-world locations and enhance it with interactive 3D content, wayfinding, audio, and more!

All-in-one solution app for creating and viewing AR maps and spatial experiences.

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ARway App
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1. Create a Map

Create location-based AR maps for events, rental homes, advertisements, and more!

Point cloud capture

Experience authoring and publishing

Mapping up to 1,500 m2

Cloud-based visual positioning

Wayfinding & navigation creation

Management of supported content: 3D (.glb, .obj), interactive hotspots, image, audio, text, QR codes, links

Discover public spatial experiences

SLAM placement of AR content

Full occlusion and depth perception

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Text Message

Quickly communicate location specific details by displaying messages in AR.

Icon 3d model.png

3D Objects

Add objects from the library, or upload your own!

Icon Note.png


Need a sticky note for extra information? We got you covered!

Icon Tour.png


Drag and drop points of interest, and help guide your audience via AR Navigation.

Audio Icon.png


Record audio or upload it from your device. You can select audio to play on tap or by coming close to it in the location.

Icon Hotspot.png


Drag and drop points of interest, and help guide your audience via AR Navigation.

Icon Image.png


Upload from your cam roll and place directly into your map!

Location Pin Icon.png


Drag and drop points of interest, and help guide your audience via AR Navigation.

Creaor Portal

Creator Portal

Web-based platform that enables non-technical individuals and teams to drag&drop AR experiences and map them to physical spaces where they will be viewed, including AR wayfinding and spatial activations.

Creator Portal features include:

Authoring, Editing & Publishing AR content into AR Maps

Visualization of captured physical space via point-cloud maps

Precise placement of AR content in AR Maps that will appear in that location in the real world

Map connector for seamless user experience between multiple AR Maps

CMS for supported content: 3D (.glb, .obj), interactive hotspots with hyperlinks, image, audio, text

Composing Experiential Activations by creating Tours (wayfinding paths with start and end point), Location Pins with Directory that viewers can be directed to, Spatial Activations for Marketing

Collaboration with team members on AR maps

Access to help & support

Access to discusssions & webinars in the Creator Community


ARway Kit SDK

Creator tools to leverage point cloud tecnology and build spatial experiences that incorporate real-time depth estimating and occlusion in your app


Android and iOS compatible on-device plugin

API endpoints for connecting to CMS and web studio

Detailed documentation

Unlimited mapping

Easy-to-use Unity samples with templates for indoor navigation, content and more

Advanced AR content types: 3D with animation, images, audio, hotspots, hyperlinks, videos, Unity asset bundles

SLAM placement of AR content

Automatic map stitching on device during mapping

Tag and search maps with GPS coordinates

Occlusion enabled for viewing AR content

Extremely optimized map file format with a small file size

Private/Public maps with sharing options


Ready to create your real-world
metaverse with ARway?

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