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Online • Wed April 24, 2024 • 9AM EST • 3PM CEST Signs Deal For AR Wayfinding and Smart Campus Activation With The Prestigious Institut für Innovations- und Informationsmanagement (iFii)

October 31, 2023

TORONTO, O.N, Canada – October 31, 2023 – (“ARway” or the “Company”) (CSE: ARWY), (OTC: ARWYF) (FSE: E65) is an AI powered Augmented Reality Experience platform with a disruptive no-code, no beacon spatial computing solution enabled by visual marker tracking with centimeter precision is pleased to announce its collaboration with the prestigious Institut für Innovations- und Informationsmanagement (iFii) to create an innovative AR navigation system on the iFii campus in Germany. This is a paid-partner deal, valued at 5 figures annually depending on usage. The deal also represents a significant growth opportunity, as iFii will refer ARway to other institutions and businesses in the EU by showcasing this project. 

The joint project with iFii encompasses a comprehensive roadmap to harness the power of augmented reality for their smart campus. This partnership is set to revolutionize the way faculty and visitors experience the iFii campus, providing a seamless and intuitive AR experience and AR-powered navigation.Watch a video showcase of ARway’s technology – transforming the corporate campus experience: click here to watch As part of their 2024 roadmap, iFii will implement, evaluate and publish research on over 20 different use cases with ARway’s technology, highlighting the depth of this collaboration. This initiative aligns with iFii’s vision of providing a modern and immersive campus experience, ultimately highlighting the advantages of ARway’s AR navigation technology over traditional “blue dot” navigation systems.


As a part of iFii’s use case evaluation in collaboration with ARway, one example demonstrates the versatility of ARway’s technology. Here, ARway empowers users to seamlessly locate and navigate to points of interest on the campus. This not only simplifies navigation but also provides dynamic real-time information at these locations.  For instance, iFii will apply this technology to assist users in selecting and operating different copiers and printers with various technical specifications and statuses. This use case serves as a comprehensive testbed for evaluating user experience, implementation ease, and wireless technology utilization, highlighting the multifaceted benefits of ARway’s solution in enhancing operations. CEO Evan Gappelberg commented, “We are looking forward to the opportunities and achievements that this partnership will bring to the world of augmented reality and campus navigation. By combining cutting-edge technology, extensive research, and a shared vision for innovation, this collaboration promises to set new standards for smart campus navigation.”

Key components of the project include:

  • 5G Testbed for a Smart Campus: ARway will lead the development of a state-of-the-art 5G testbed on the iFii campus. This will ensure high-speed connectivity and low-latency data transmission, enabling advanced AR capabilities.

  • Prototype Development: ARway will build a cutting-edge prototype of AR navigation for the iFii campus. This prototype will serve as a model for future campus-wide implementation.

  • Research and Evaluation of AR Navigation: iFii and ARway will conduct extensive research and evaluation of AR navigation applications within the 5G campus network. This includes seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

  • User Experience Analysis: The partnership will focus on understanding the user experience with AR navigation on the campus, gathering valuable insights. is proud to be chosen as the key partner for this endeavor. iFii considered and tested various technologies and solutions for their smart campus project and found to be the ideal partner due to its innovation, expertise, ease of use and commitment to excellence.

About iFii (Institut für Innovations- und Informationsmanagement) iFii is a prestigious research institute based in Germany, dedicated to fostering innovation and information management. With a commitment to cutting-edge research and technology, iFii is at the forefront of driving change in the academic and corporate worlds.

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