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ARway Brings Pre-Construction Project Visions to Life  

Every construction project, no matter how large or small, begins with the germ of an idea. As the vision is developed and refined, the project moves from the drawing board to the construction site and ultimately to completion. Technology has become critical to the success of any construction project, and our augmented reality wayfinding tool, ARway, is no exception. It gives property owners, investors, designers, engineers, and contractors the power of augmented reality and 3D visualization. With it, these groups can optimize efficiency, improve health and safety, and enhance the experience at every stage of construction. One can imagine a major construction project as a bell curve. At the start, activity levels are lower and involve smaller groups of people. As the project progresses, activity levels increase dramatically before reaching the final punch lists and the completion of the work. For a project to be successful, each phase must happen on time and to spec. Once the ideation and design phases are complete, pre-construction begins, and that’s when things really start falling into place. Before that silver-plated commemorative shovel breaks ground, technology has been used to refine and test the design, construction plan, supply chain, and a million other details again and again. ARway plays a valuable role during this important time. ARway helps architects, engineers, and contractors in two key ways during the pre-construction period:

  • AR Project Design Visualization - ARway makes it possible to view every aspect of a project at full scale using augmented reality - from the initial design to the (virtually) finished product. Other AR content types - such as hotspots, text, images, videos, and links - can be added to provide more contextual information about the project and enable collaboration and information sharing.

  • AR-powered Onsite Navigation - ARway can deliver a map for visitors and workers alike, making it safe and simple to navigate a construction site at every stage. In the pre-construction phase, in particular, this is critical since many navigational aids will not yet be in place.

Together, these features - along with others - offer some important benefits:

  • Real-time site verification allows progress to be tracked as construction occurs

  • Visualization allows ideas and contingencies to be viewed and evaluated

  • Improved installation speed and accuracy

  • Improved efficiency between the office and field

  • Reduction of reworks and associated labor costs

Not only can ARway help with the pre-construction phase of a project, but its technology is equally valuable during the construction and post-construction periods. During construction, for example, ARway can be used to understand the impact of design changes or improve collaboration across functional teams. In post-construction, ARway enables AR/VR showings of a property and provides the ability to include navigational content or advertising in virtual spaces. ARway provides powerful new capabilities for the real estate industry - from design to groundbreaking to ribbon-cutting and beyond. If you are facing an important construction project and would like to learn more about how ARway can help, contact us here.

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