ARway is owned and operated by Nextech AR Solutions Corp.

As previously announced ARway is being spun out as a stand-alone public company, marking what Nextech AR believes will be the first publicly traded “pure play” spatial computing platform. It is anticipated that ARway will begin trading in October of 2022 and Nextech AR will retain a majority share ownership in ARway after the spinout.

For further information, please visit the Nextech AR Investor Relations Website


On Tuesday, September 13, 2022 the ARway prospectus was mailed Nextech AR shareholders.

Stock Exchange Listing:

Conditional approval has been received to list on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

Stock Symbol:


Calendar of Events:

October 12, 2022:

Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled to take place.

October 18, 2022:

After the AGM meeting, the final hearing to approve the plan of arrangement is scheduled to take place.

October 19, 2022:

Closing is expected to occur on or about October 19, 2022.