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Stadiums and Concert Venues

Make events snap and sing

Young people are staying home - ARway helps bring them into your venue with an elevated fan experience that can include holograms, interviews, gamification and more.

Large venues can be overwhelming - ARway helps people discover and enjoy all you have to offer with custom wayfinding, directories, and promotions.

Limited marketing opportunities leave money on the table - AR activations and location-based marketing - powered by ARway - adds value for brands and sponsors.


Events and Tradeshows

Welcome back to the future 


A lack of innovation has made events seem stale - virtual spaces and augmented reality created with ARway are rewriting the rules of the game, exciting sponsors and attendees alike.

Large and unfamiliar spaces are hard to navigate - ARway makes it easy to find vendors of interest, as well as creating clear and relevant virtual signage.


Outdated sponsorship opportunities are boring - ARway makes amazing things possible - from new ad placements to novel experiences. Sponsors love them, attendees value them, and management profits from them.



Amazing in aisle one

Locating a product shouldn’t be a quest - high-quality ARway AR wayfinding saves time for shoppers, which 61 percent of people say they want to spend less time doing.


Lack of options and information leads to lost sales - ARway allows the shopping experience to go beyond the shelf to include every product and all relevant information.


Improve customer confidence - when customers know more, they buy more - ARway makes it easy to give customers the information they need to buy the products they want.


Museums and Galleries

Unveil something amazing 


Limited space impacts the visitor experience - ARway allows the unlimited space of the metaverse to display (virtually) everything related to an exhibit.

Fight museum fatigue - with ARway, the metaverse can make exhibits more memorable by providing opportunities for patrons to learn more.


Poor navigation leads nowhere but missed opportunities - ARway helps people discover what they are seeking in your space with AR wayfinding and virtual signage.  



Elevate your visitors' quality of stay from the moment they arrive with AR wayfinding that empowers them to navigate independently in and around the hotel and resort territory without reliance on personnel's assistance.


Maximize the value of your airspace with aerial AR activations to unlock new revenue-generating opportunities and exceed visitors' expectations.


Leverage gathered data insights about the use of space, and visitors' patterns and preferences to inform meaningful improvements to your facility.


Real Estate


Empower prospective tenants and buyers to tour the property independently with AR wayfinding and curated MetaTours.


Take the pressure off property owners and managers, and unlock revenue opportunities for furniture partners and sponsors with virtual staging, information hotspots, and AR experiences.


Leverage data insights about visitors' patterns and behaviours while interacting with the space to make informed improvement decisions.



Improve the experience, accessibility and safety of students, campus staff and visitors with outdoor to indoor AR wayfinding.


Maximize the use of campus airspace for educational and entertainment purposes with location-based AR activations and experiences.


Leverage data insights about your campus and users to inform meaningful improvements to your spatial layouts.



Cure a common headache


Poor navigation leads to missed and late appointments - ARway’s AR wayfinding eliminates confusion and leads people to their appointments quickly, efficiently, and easily. 

Doctors and nurses should be providing care, not directions - on average, putting high-quality AR navigation from ARway in the palm of patients hands gives back 4,500 hours of staff time each year. 


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