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April 18, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive Analytics: ARway provides detailed insights into user behavior and map interaction, aiding strategic decision-making.
  • User Interaction Insights: By analyzing interaction data, businesses can optimize their AR content for better engagement.
  • Behavioral Insights: Gain detailed insights into visitor behaviors, including most visited maps and user engagement patterns.
  • Geographical Analytics: Understand how different locations perform, helping you tailor your AR experiences to specific audiences.
  • Data Integration Capability: ARway’s analytics can be integrated with external datasets for enriched insights, offering a competitive edge in market responsiveness.

In an increasingly digitalized world, augmented reality (AR) stands out for its ability to create real-world interactions across numerous industries. ARway’s Location Intelligence harnesses this technology, providing actionable insights that drive business efficiency and user engagement. This blog explores the sophisticated analytical capabilities of ARway, emphasizing how they can transform various sectors.

Value of Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence integrates business and geospatial data, delivering insights that impact strategic business decisions across several key industries:

  1. Retail: Improves shopping experiences with navigational aids and targeted marketing.
  2. Transportation: Streamlines traveler navigation within transit hubs.
  3. Healthcare: Facilitates better navigation and resource allocation within medical facilities.
  4. Education: Transforms campuses with interactive, educational AR content.
  5. Tourism: Enhances visitor engagement with interactive tours and historical insights.

Location Intelligence Provided by ARway

ARway’s analytical tools are robust, offering insights from individual map interactions to aggregate user behavior across all maps:

  1. Comprehensive Overview:
    • Aggregate Insights: View metrics like total map visits over time to understand broad engagement trends across all your AR maps.
    • Individual Map Analysis: Dive into specific maps to assess detailed visitor data, including total visitors, average visit duration, and peak traffic times.
  2. Visitor Behavior and Engagement:
    • Popular Pins and Searches: Discover which location pins are navigated to the most and what users are searching for within your AR maps, allowing for targeted content improvements.
    • Heatmaps: Visualize where users spend most of their time within your AR environments, identifying hotspots and areas of high engagement.
    • Access Point Scans: Measure how often users interact with QR codes or Image Access Points, which can help pinpoint popular entry points and paths.
  3. Geographical and Location-Specific Analytics:
    • Map Performance by Location: Analyze how different geographical areas perform, identifying which locations garner the most engagement and tailoring content accordingly.

Integrating ARway Location Intelligence with External Datasets

Integrating ARway’s analytics with external data opens up new avenues for enhancing AR applications:

  • Combining Data Sets: Integrate ARway analytics with external business data such as sales figures, customer feedback, or operational metrics to enrich your understanding and application of AR experiences.
  • Customized User Experiences: Use integrated insights to customize AR content, ensuring that it resonates more effectively with your target audience and enhances user satisfaction.

Real-World Applications

A multitude of industries and use cases benefit from Location Intelligence:

  • Retail: Integrate customer purchase data to tailor AR experiences that suggest products based on past buying behaviors.
  • Healthcare: Combine ARway data with patient traffic and facility usage statistics to optimize hospital layouts and resource allocation.
  • Real Estate: Use ARway analytics in conjunction with real estate market trends to offer dynamic virtual tours that highlight property features aligned with market demands.
  • Tourism: Merge ARway location data with historical site information to offer enriched, educational tours that adapt to visitor interest patterns.


ARway’s Location Intelligence not only empowers businesses to create immersive and engaging AR experiences but also equips them with the insights needed to make informed strategic decisions. By leveraging detailed analytics, businesses can improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer interactions.

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Embrace the Future with ARway

Discover how ARway’s advanced technology stack can transform your approach to augmented reality. Whether you’re a developer seeking robust AR tools or a business looking to innovate, our technology is the foundation for your next big leap.

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Embrace the Future with ARway

Discover how ARway’s advanced technology stack can transform your approach to augmented reality. Whether you’re a developer seeking robust AR tools or a business looking to innovate, our technology is the foundation for your next big leap.