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Experience a New World With AR Smart Glasses Powered By 

A whole new world, a brand-new vision.  
Welcome to the new reality powered by AR smart glasses


Experience a new reality, with - generating a digitally enriched world

as soon as you put on AR smart glasses.


The latest innovation in augmented reality hardware comes to market with the next generation of augmented reality smart glasses that will eventually replace bulky augmented reality headsets.’s breakthrough AI powered smart glasses software is the only thing you need to become part of the AR revolution and create and share highly engaging AR experiences. 

Say hello to
hands-free computing

Discover a new way of interacting with your environment with augmented reality smart glasses without any restriction of hand movement. With your hands free to move, AR smart glasses empower users to do more, unlocking new possibilities of application.


Enhance productivity, eliminate risks in operation, introduce AR based training, facilitate intuitive AR based navigation, and create deeply immersive and engaging AR experiences for your workforce to work smarter with increased efficiency thanks to complete autonomy over their manual dexterity.  


How does work with AR smart glasses?

ARway.ai_Museum_HowDoesWork_001.png is the only smart glasses software that enables large-scale location persistent AR experiences with 6DoF in indoor spaces with smart glasses. Using precise positioning technology enabled by visual markers, creates a virtual map of your physical environment and overlays digital information on it, broadening your field of vision to see both merged into one combined world. leverages AI to quickly create and share augmented reality experiences through AR smart glasses as well as handheld devices. Its software analyzes the user’s environment with the input of a single 2D map and provides the creator with a simple drag-and-drop interface and a complete software development kit to quickly generate an AR experience without any coding. offers an in-built library of 3D/AR models to add characters, graphics, text and audio content to the AR experience.


It’s the only AR glasses software you need to power your augmented reality smart glasses with an immersive AR experience. 

Built for 6DoF’s technology enables 6DoF by accessing the AR smart glasses sensors. It eliminates any errors in motion so the augmented digital objects look and move in your real world as if they were really there. 


Effortless Integration effortlessly integrates with Magic Leap 2 and HoloLens 2 AR Smart Glasses.

Application of AR smart glasses in different industries powered by 

Industrial smart glasses with AR are revolutionizing the way we work. By allowing us to integrate digital experiences with the real world, is pioneering the use of augmented reality in various industries such as CPG, Petroleum, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Education and Training for various skilled vocations.’s advanced technology makes it easy to adopt for large-scale navigation in indoor spaces without building any hardware. Its web-based software provides easy integrations in any app.


Here’s a glance at some use cases of AR smart glasses for industrial use powered by’s technology.  

Application of AR smart glasses for Petroleum companies simplifies navigation for site audits, assessing problems and guiding site inspectors to resolve them with straight-forward instructions combining audio and visual guidance with AR overlays superimposed on their actual environment. 


Application of AR smart glasses for CPG companies allows AR smart glasses to integrate augmented reality in manufacturing as well as for training workers using engaging AR educational content. Its applications for utilizing AR glasses for manufacturing involve learning at various stages of the manufacturing cycle, testing for quality assurance as well as understanding and executing production. 

Application of AR smart glasses for Warehouses and Logistics syncs with your inventory directory and using its intelligent technology can help workers know if the product is in stock, guide them through processing the order for shipment, navigate them to quickly find the exact location of the order and even provide data and insights on the staff’s operations with smart analytics thereby drastically increasing efficiency.  


Application of AR smart glasses in Construction is the only solution provider for AR Smart Glasses which enables large scale location persistent AR experiences that are accurate at centimeter precision across large multi-purpose facilities. Industrial smart glasses powered by for easy navigation allow construction site managers to conduct site tours, audits and review checkpoints smoothly. also helps create AR models to show finished spaces while in construction to help visualize what the project will actually look like on completion. 


Application of AR smart glasses in Training across various industries helps trainees and workers across industries gain practical knowledge using an augmented reality educational syllabus created especially for their niche. Wearing AR smart glasses they can use their hands to put into practice the AR instructions they can see and hear superimposed onto their real world. Companies can also create interactive checklists for workers and track their performance. It helps increase the pace of learning, reduces the probability of errors and helps provide hands-on remote guidance.

Apart from this, and industrial augmented reality glasses also help field workers with intuitive visual and audio instructions to assist in resolving on-site problems remotely.’s futuristic AI powered technology combined with the hands-free mobility provided by AR smart glasses can greatly enhance productivity, lower expenses and track performance for large scale as well as small enterprises.  


Revolutionize the way your business functions with the help of AR smart glasses and today 

Reach us for a consultation to know the best possible applications of paired with augmented reality smart glasses for your business. 

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